Products for ostomates, collars, bags,
prostheses, accessories, incontinence products,
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Specialized products for ostomates

Clinique Stomia is a distribution center for products for individuals with ostomies or incontinence problems. There are approximately 10,000 individuals with ostomies in Quebec, but there are very few companies that specialize in the sale of prostheses and accessories. Clinique Stomia is the only specialized point of sale in the entire Montreal, Laval, South Shore and Lower Laurentian region.

Come and meet our highly skilled staff, who can advise you with respect to the advantages of each of the items and brands that are sold in our store. We provide personalized service, always with complete discretion.

What is an Ostomy?

An ostomy is an opening that is created in the abdomen for patients who have had their bladder, part of their intestine or their rectum surgically removed. This surgical procedure allows the body to evacuate urine or feces via the ostomy after a tumor or even an inflammatory bowel disease, such as Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis or ulcerative colitis.

Ask an Enterostomal Therapy Nurse

In addition to selling specialized products, Clinique Stomia also offers consultation, information and adjustment services delivered by an enterostomal therapy nurse, by appointment. For a free consultation, find out more about our clinic day!

For each ostomy, the program provides an annual lump sum of:

• 1 443 $ pour une stomie permanente
• 963 $ pour une stomie temporaire

The amount awarded is for the purchase of your equipment (bags and other products) and its replacement. You must pay the difference if your bill exceeds the lump sum. If you hold a private insurance, check with your insurer if it covers this difference.

The clinic is located in Laval and offers a personalized delivery service that allows it to quickly serve the entire region of Montreal, Laval, the South Shore and the Laurentians.